Lot and Marker Photos

This collection contains more than 22,000 photos of lots and markers in the cemetery. Most of the photos were taken by volunteers of the Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc. (OCCC).

The images you see here have been uniformly resized from the originals, which are generally much larger. The resized versions should be large enough to convey important details, and in certain cases the original photo may be available for download. (Originals of photos credited “OCCC” are not available for download.)

The collection is still very much a work in progress. Locations and names were extracted from filenames in an automated fashion, but this was an imperfect process. The volunteers of this site are currently working through and carefully organizing the photos on a plat-by-plat basis. The search form should however be able to locate most photos in the collection, even when the identifying data is still a bit rough. New photos are also being added when it is determined that a marker was missed or has been added since the original OCCC photos were taken.